Austin, TX: Hamilton Pool

This took me way too long to get up here on the blog. Actually though, it works out nicely since it’s a little travel post, and then next month I’ll be going on vacation and posting more!

When you pull into Hamilton Pool (technically in Dripping Springs, TX), a frumpy guy comes out and reads you at least 20,000 rules about what you can and cannot do in the pool, then tells you to pull ahead to the parking lot.

Once you park, you have a walk ahead of you. It’s about a quarter mile or so down a pretty steep path, and then maybe another quarter mile or half mile to the pool itself.

Once you get there though, you can hear it’s waterfall and immediately know where you are!

Around the pool (which isn’t really a pool, by the way, it has a “natural” bottom and fish) there is a path where you can walk, which is not only gorgeous but has some cool rock formations. And at the end some rickety-ass stairs which you can climb to get to the top and loop back around.

Although the path has some tight spots:

It was too cold for us to swim, but we enjoyed the trip nonetheless. And in the summertime when it was full of people, it would be quite the experience!

Unfortunately, I can’t find the picture, but if you go the opposite way on the trail from the pool, it will take you along the river and after about a mile and a half of pretty views, it will let out onto a GORGEOUS blue river view. So if you’re into it, it’s worth the trek.

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