Denver, CO: Voodoo Doughnut

Before we got to Denver, I looked up good places to eat on Urban Spoon. One of the places they mentioned was Voodoo Doughnut. And Joel loves doughnuts, so I was immediately like “We have to go there.”

When we got there, the line was OUT THE DOOR. It was insanely busy, but obviously, if the line was that long it had to be worth it? Plus it was moving fast. We were easily the 50th people in line and we only stood in line for like 20 minutes.

While we were there, and chatting with a super friendly guy in front of us (now inside and like 30th in line), we heard a sudden commotion and then “Oh my god! They just got robbed!”. Apparently, someone came in with a hood, grabbed the tip jar (which I imagine was FULL with them being so busy), and then ran to a car and got away. They got the plate numbers and they were probably on camera in downtown Denver. But still.

Apparently they were standing around outside talking about it…. And no one thought to tell the people working to hide the tip jar behind the counter? But despite sounding a little scary, we didn’t even notice until it was over.

The excitement aside though, it was a very cool place, and the doughnuts were SO GOOD. I don’t even like doughnuts that much and I thought they were good. Joel had like 3 of them and I think he died a little from bliss, haha. Overall, I would definitely recommend that you check them out! Either in Denver or Portland where they originated.

There was a lot of cool, hipster-esque stuff. As well as an entire wall with art made of duct-tape (which you can see a little in the first photo). It was a nice, trendy little spot which I really wish was local (even though, if I ever have my way, Denver WILL be local).

Oh, and, Joel would probably be angry if I didn’t mention that a ton of their menu is Wu Tang named. Like the Ol’ Dirty Bastard doughnut (which I ate, haha).


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