Jackson, WY: Thai Me Up

This was not the first time we had come to Thai Me Up in Jackson. We actually were here last year when we vacationed for a week in Jackson.

If you’ve never been there, it’s a cool little western-y town. Lots of restaurants, and gift shops, and expensive boutiques for skiing and backcountry hiking gear. Everything is made out of wood and super picture-esque. It’s right south of the Grand Tetons, and you can see mountains on all sides of it. There’s also an overabundance very expensive of furniture stores.

But if you’re like us, it’s the restaurants that REALLY matter.

Thai Me Up is an uber-trendy restaurant and microbrewery. Their food is good, and this year they had an abbreviated menu which was actually a nice surprise since there was no decision making. And since I had just driven about 7 hours from the Southeast corner of Wyoming, that was welcome. Their beer list is longer than their food menu, and a lot of their brews are Wu-Tang named (Joel would be disappointed in me if I failed to mention that).

We got the tempura shrimp skewer for an appetizer since they were super busy and our food was going to take awhile. It was expensive, but it was so good. Actually, it’s on my list of things that I need to figure out and learn to make at home. If nothing else, THE SAUCE.

Also, I swear there were 5, but we ate 3 before I stopped to take a picture.

They were actually pretty mess-free. Which was surprising, considering, haha.

And for dinner, we both got the Pad Thai which I got last year and which I get every time I go out for Thai food. Theirs is a little different, but no less good. It’s a little citrusy, with a good hit of cilantro, versus the rot-your-teeth sweet of average Pad Thai.

They also have huge burgers and a few other nice-sounding appetizers. Plus the food is filling, but you can eat almost all of it which is nice since it’s not like you can take left overs back to the hotel. Or at least you probably shouldn’t.

All in all, I didn’t get my pizza fix (my favorite pizza place from last year had closed!), but I was happy with the result.

Annddd if you didn’t notice (but you probably did, I hope), they have a punny name. And I appreciate a good pun.

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