We bought a house!

We bought a house! We’ve been living here now since December 23rd! Probably the worst time ever to move, but Merry Christmas to us!

It’s a 3 bed, 2 bath, and it’s got a 2 car garage. It’s on a little under half an acre, and it’s not fenced on one side, but we will handle that as soon as the ground thaws so that the dog can run freely.

We don’t have it all the way set up yet, so I don’t have any images of the house since we’ve been living here. Even though our housewarming party is on Saturday and I need to get on that. I do have real estate photos though!

The kitchen is totally gorgeous, too. And bright! I am so excited to be able to take real blog photos. And to be able to post more about things which I don’t need to plan ahead to be done in the brightest of daylight so I can take it over to the window to take pictures. And I’ll be able to take real progress photos or videos, which will be awesome.

I’m looking forward to our new lives in this house! Our new kitchen with two pantries! And also all of the living posts I will be able to make and hopefully gardening too, this summer!

Now, time to look at some pictures!

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  1. oh my. it’s gorgeous!! have fun decorating!


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